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P. LAMPROU – D. OLYMPIOS O.E  GENERAL PARTNERSHIP is an Accountancy & Tax Consultancy firm established in 1991 in Athens. We meet the needs of any business regardless of their size and activities, all over Athens. In 2007, we opened our branch in Paros, in the Prefecture of the Cyclades.

The firm’s founders, Panagiotis Lamprou and Dimitris Olympios are established economists-accountants, graduates of the Athens University of Economics and Business. They both hold Class A Licenses and have many years of experience. In addition, the firm’s personnel are accountants, as well, and fully knowledgeable on each and every accounting, tax consulting, labor, and insurance issue.

If you are seeking a reliable and trustworthy accountancy & tax consultancy firm, prepared to cope with all the difficulties arising from our volatile tax system, we are the perfect solution. Consistently up-to-date, we provide high quality services through a fully IT-based and organized environment, aiming at satisfying the customers’ needs. Consequently, our clientele always stay informed about their businesses; furthermore, we provide them with recommendations about enhancing their financial position and avoiding any unnecessary expenses and costs.